Three Sheets To The Wind


Three Sheets is taking it BACK to the streets. 

2024 marks the 15th anniversary of 2009’s “Moustache for Cash Tour”–when the band first became known as America’s #1 Tribute to Yacht Rock. Since that now-infamous tour, the band has continued to dominate the East Coast’s Yacht Rock scene, performing from the Keys to Maine in stadiums and also venues very much smaller than stadiums. But some stadiums too. (Stadia?). 

To commemorate this important milestone, the band will be exclusively playing the best Yacht Rock songs–just like they did in 2009. Also every year since 2009. And they’re only getting more handsome. And we they also fired their publicist in 2023 because AI, and because when you’re this handsome, the bios write themselves. Especially with AI. 

 Three Sheets to the Wind pays authentic tribute to AM Gold Yacht Rock classics from the ’70s and ’80s–undoubtedly the smoothest music ever created by mankind. It was an era of high gas prices and oil embargoes that led America back to the simple joys of sailing, piña coladas, moustaches, and love…sweet love. 

John Oates from Daryl Hall & John Oates retweeted a tweet the band posted one time. Remember back when X was called Twitter? 

The band also created Steely Can Wine in 2023, making it the most successful Yacht Rock Cover Band / Wine Company in the entire world. 

The heartbeat of the band is short-shorted drummer Danny Marnier. Bass duties fall to steady shipmate Sonny Pockett, while manly keyboardist Walter Ego, fancy guitarist Captain Max Power, and multi-instrumentalist Topper Dandy rock you gently with their sweeter-than-TaB® harmonies. Count on Goldman Sax to add the smooth saxophone sweetness. And there you have it.

 • 7X “Best Band” | Richmond Magazine

 • 5X “Best Cover Band” | STYLE Weekly

 • 3X “Best Band” | Virginia Living Magazine

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